A new worldwide alliance for Mobile Network Operators meeting the needs of IoT customers delivering significant global cellular services onto hyperscale cloud

The AnyNet Federation aims to make the complex global landscape for IoT easier by delivering a single cellular M2M solution and management view that can be deployed seamlessly, across major world markets

1.Using fully eUICC compliant, multi-Network, Eseye AnyNet Secure eSIMs, the AnyNet Federation will initially focus on connectivity for AWS customers

2.AWS traffic is passed between different AnyNet Federation partners based on the geographic location of IoT devices

3.Whichever AnyNet Federation partner delivers the data the customer is billed through their AWS account, and the MNO is paid

4.AnyNet Federation members are always the primary regional supplier in a global MNO network selling connectivity onto AWS

Global AnyNet Federation customer benefits:

Greatly simplified IoT project planning, design and procurement

Optimise and manufacture a device once and connect anywhere in the world, ‘out of the box’, on any Federation cellular network, with targeted 100% connectivity

Reduced device lifecycle costs

Enhanced connectivity, reduced site visits and a single global support, billing and management view, with multiple global Federation members providing the connectivity

Enhanced connectivity resilience backed by major Mobile Network Operators

Using eUICC compliant, multi-Network, Eseye AnyNet Secure eSIMs

Far greater efficiency in estate management, visibility and control

Real-time estate visibility, data and management, through device integration into all back-office applications, including ERP, support desk operations and marketing will feed high-value business intelligence

The security and scalability of the AWS Cloud solution

Data will be instantly available inside their AWS cloud platform, without the overhead of IT tasks or scripts to leverage the economics of cloud and the rich applications portfolio

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